Heart Tattoos Designs

Heart Tattoos Designs

Heart tattoo design is very classic . Heart tattoo in the shape of an inverted triangle is symbolizing the pubic triangle and is universal symbol of femininity and is often used for the expression of romantic love.Heart tattoos are popular for over a century. Heart tattoos with various banners were very popular with soldiers during World War II, so you always have to have their loved ones who followed them on a dangerous journey to distant conflicts and were a constant reminder of what they were fighting for.

The heart is the eternal symbol of love, romance and life force. Get to the  heart of matter  suggests that the heart is usually the source of truth and love. When one is particularly unfair to the insensitive manner, for such persons are said to have no heart. Friendship, courage, romantic relationships, and emotional expression are also embodied in this symbol.Here are some of the main meanings of the heart in a tattoo:Heart pierced with an arrow  the arrow is the symbol of directed energy, flow and penetration. When paired with the heart, it is not love-pleasing bite.

Star and heart tattoo is  a symbol of luck and opportunity.Heart-shaped flags  a popular choice that testifies to the great love of country.The hands that hold the heart   a more maternal or paternal kind of love.A heart of gold  popularly associated with religious or self-consciousness.Black heart   usually showing sorrow or dark soul.White heart  a symbol that has taken over health care, ie. nurses who care for the elderlyEye and heart tattoos which makes such a good selection of various ways in which you can use these and, not to mention a variety of symbolization that can go along with it.For example, those with a strong Catholic faith can carry sacred heart tattoos.

These are usually well designed and realistic hearts, surrounded by thorns and bright light. Another example would be the heart of the “padlock and key.  Such tattoos commonly used heart married couples, but can also be used to indicate the deep friendship or relationship between parent and child.Since this design is a symbol of lasting love, many people opt for a large design, red color, which contains the name of the lover. This trend actually began with the sailors who often placed the word mom in their heart tattoos.

Some very interesting heart designs is a combination of design where the heart is actually added to what you love. In such a design can add a picture of a loved one or perhaps your idol, maybe a picture of where you were born, or would like to live or a picture of your pet that you had back when you were a child. Heart tattoo has a really great selection of combination, whether the heart or with one or more symbols that is a matter of personal taste. One thing is certain and that this tattoo design is used for a long time and the tradition will go on.

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