Latest Angrakha Frock Style 2012-13

Latest Angrakha Frock Style 2012-13

Angrakha, an old world charm portrays a dreaminess, an enchanting fantasy when its flowing layers ripple with every move she takes beneath the shadows of her modesty. Its undeniable connection with luxury and femininity takes us back to Mughal Princesses who used to spend hours dreaming about their prince charming, while sitting on Takht and being fanned by Kaneez.These days Angrakha is making a whopping comeback. Fashion designers have already been incorporating them in their new collections. Nomi Ansari’s latest colorful stock is the perfect fashion treat for Angrakha lovers.

If you want to go a bit more formal and glittery with Angrakhas, Nida Azwer recent assortment of jamdani outfits that include absolutely breathtaking angrakhas in exotic shades of ecru, bone, aqua blue, forest green and the brighter palette of salmon pink and deep red and adorned with semi precious stones is the best choice. Other than that ‘Unbeatables’, ‘Ego’, and ‘Daaman’ are also famous for their heart-hitting collection of angrakhas.

These days angrakhas are also worn with culottes and loose pants that give them a bit of modern touch but their beauty and charm shines the brightest when worn with traditional ‘choridaars’ and Khussas. However they can be equally mesmerizing with stilettos as the length of kameez is long and high heels compliment that look.

For a more feminine and appealing look, frocks should be long and must have bias cut for really alluring flare. The best bet would be to accessorize them with traditional bangles, jhumkas and maang tikkas in dull gold colors. You can also wear modern jewelry for a more hip and style loaded look.

However, the beauty of angrakhas lies when you transform your entire persona with old world charm, your hairstyle, your manners, the way you talk should all reflect that royal delicacy, soft modesty and naive feminine grace that is barely found in modern women.

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