Latest Sharara Style Saree Design

Latest Sharara Style Saree Design

We’ve all been smitten with gorgeous Lehenga Sarees and these Designer Lehenga Sarees indeed look great for parties, weddings or festivals.

But when it comes to Eid, it’s Sharara Sarees that have an edge over Lehenga Sarees. It’s primarily because Shararas happen to be an ethnic outfit popular amongst Muslim women and are usually worn by Muslim women during weddings.

Shararas are basically full-length flared divided skirts that are fitted till the knee and flare out below the knee.]

Ideally there’s a seam at the knee and a separate piece of fabric is sewn with numerous small pleats which accounts for its dramatic flare. Sarees exhibiting such a similar design are referred to as Sharara Sarees.

The dramatic Sharara Sarees are ideal for tall women thanks to the horizontal line at the knee level created by the design of Sharara Sarees.

Sharara Sarees are similar to Lehenga Sarees as they are not draped with pleats at the waist like the regular Sarees are draped. But unlike Lehenga Sarees, Sharara Sarees feature a horizontal patch of fabric in a contrast color or same color along the knee level sewn with numerous small pleats.

At times two or three horizontal layers of different fabrics are sewn together which resembles a tiered skirt. The silhouette is extremely feminine and graceful, hence gorgeous Sharara Sarees in rich color combinations featuring ornately embellished design look great for Weddings and are especially appropriate for Eid celebrations.

While Designer Sharara Sarees are extremely beautiful, those who aren’t adventurous enough to try one can get a similar look by opting for a regular Saree featuring a similar design.

Apart from a wonderful selection of Designer Sharara Sarees, Homeindia also offers a unique selection of Sarees that render a similar charm of a Sharara Saree.

Such Designer Sarees feature contrast color fabric knee-down with distinct embroidered pattern. Often the contrast color fabric is pleated resembling ruffles and this imparts a similar Sharara-style look.


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