Men Wedding khussa

Men Wedding khussa

Khussa is traditional, handmade footwear from Pakistan. The art and craft of designing Khussa is very old in the sub continent especially in the Punjab region of Pakistan.

However, the art reached its zenith when the Mughal emperors (especially Prince Saleem) adopted this traditional footwear and made it part of the royal costume.

Beautiful Khussa shoes were prepared on amazing patterns and motifs when craftsmanship of shoe makers perfected the creativity of royalty. Khussa is those days was a symbol of royalty and was worn by ruling and cultural elite of the region.

Later, Khussa shoes became a part of the culture. Today, Khussa shoes are worn by men and women of all ages at wedding ceremonies, festivals or just as daily footwear. They are made manually.

The shape, design, color and material of Khussa shoes vary within different regions but they are equally liked by people of all regions.

Khussa is worn with traditional dresses like Shalwar Qameez or Pajama; however, youngsters wear it as casual footwear with jeans as it is trendy, stylish and available in many varieties.

The best place to buy Khussa shoes is Texali Gate market in Lahore where a number of shops offer Khussa in many colors, materials and styles.

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