Sharara Dress For Mehndi Mayon

Sharara Dress For Mehndi Mayon

Mayon, hinna or mehndi event is the most important and beautiful event of wedding , full of colors and laughters. This event has its own specialty in the wedding. In this event, girls wear beautiful trendy clothes, which are usually traditional clothes with very light or no makeup. Grooms also dressed themselves in traditional kurta’s having unshaved face.

The friends and family members also wear traditional mehndi mayon dress to beautify this moment. They sing, dance and perform to celebrate this moment. A pinch of mehndi on hands of bride and groom is applied to fulfill the requirement of this event.

However, the bride should be prominent in this whole event. She should look different, beautiful , glowing and attractive in her fashionable outfit because she is considered to be the most central part of mehndi ceremony.

That’s why brides dress is the most important thing. There are many styles and designs of dresses available in the market that a bride can choose for her special day.

Most of the girls want to buy cheap fashionable clothes for their mehndi ceremony. They think that they will not use this dress again. But why not to choose such a dress which you can use again later after your marriage? So here we will give you some suggestions to buy your mehndi dress.

You can have a medium sized shirt in two or three bright colors mixed with yellow. You can also have some light or heavy embroidery on your shirt with yellow trouser or sharara. The dopata of mehndi dress will look beautiful if it also has two or three colors mixed with yellow or orange. You can customize your trendy clothes by choosing your own favorite colors.

Green dress will also look fabulous in mehndi ceremony. You can have bottle green color dress with rust or brown metal work on it. A light green pishwas or anarkali dress with a combination of shoking pink will also look awesome.

Long shirts with Q lot fashionable outfits are very in these days. Long yellow shirt in yellow and pink with little metal work or embroidery and yellow Q lot can make you day. After wearing this fashionable trendy dress you will look unique and attractive in your special day.

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