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Asiana Bridal show! Two months of preparation and four months of trading came down to this. Covered Media exhibiting at the biggest exhibition for Asian bridal and fashion wear in the world. Anyone who knows anything about Asian weddings and fashion knows that Asiana is the biggest magazine in the business. Therefore the sheer fact that we were even exhibiting in such a huge showcase after only four months was huge for us.

The night before half the team set off for pre show preparation. After a three hour journey we were there! Beautiful hotel, beautiful scenery and of course beautiful models! Stall Q38 was the place where Covered Media were going to exhibit what we can do and we were more than ready. Everything was in place, we were confident, the rest of the team were planning on reaching us the following morning In time for the event. We were ready  Nothing was out of place.

That was until the heavens opened and there it was   Snow  Nervous and distraught was an understatement. What if the rest of the team couldn’t make it? What if the people didn’t turn up? So many questions were discussed this in to the early hours and we made the decision, we’ve come so far. Why stop now? The team were determined to make this a success. The following morning the whole team was there Q38 was proud to be exhibiting Covered Media with five of our best team members ready to showcase what we can do.
The weather was unrelenting; people were scheduled to come from all over the country. The snow had its effect on a few of them, but the dedicated ones still attended. They came in their numbers and witnessed a truly mesmerising event, starting from fashion show all the way through to the exhibitors showing what we could do.

For the duration of ten hours we talked to a whole range of people, most of them just as nervous as we were, but maybe for different reasons   Weddings were fast approaching! We had set up our mobile studio for the day to make sure we gave those attending a chance to look like the models with their own photo shoots. The day was brilliant, people coming in and out of the studio, prospective weddings being booked for throughout the year. After so much anxiety and trouble, everyone was smiling!

However the best was yet to come, towards the end of the day. After strutting their stuff on the catwalk, it was time for Covered Media to offer the Asiana models the chance to strut that same stuff in front of our camera.

Needless to say  they did not need a second invitation! A couple of hours later, a queue of models all satisfied and a whole album worth of portfolio. We were happier than ever.  The guys happier than the girls of course .

There it was, the end of a long weekend and yet again we closed a successful day. Prospective weddings booked with happy customers, happy families having their photo shoots done and last but not least some of the most beautiful models we could have seen were in the Covered Media portfolio.Needless to say after the worrying and anxiety of the previous day, the day could not have gone much better for us considering the circumstances.

Team Covered saw some of the best Asian exhibitors out there, if anything this was a learning experience for us. We are not afraid to say that at this point we were very new, with little experience.This event was the most useful thing we could have done, the chance to talk to hundreds of people, witnessing companies who had been around for years carry out their work.

We knew that is what we need to be doing   as a minimum. We pride ourselves In being different to the rest, our service, our customer relationships and products are second to none. When Covered Media started the bar was set higher, and just like we showed at Asiana.

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