Tradional Wedding Wear Dresses/Beautiful dress for girls

Tradional Wedding Wear Dresses and frocks, saree,shalwar kameez,and shirts with choori dar pajama.


This is very beautiful traditional wedding dress.Its combination is very dashing.Its a very gorgeous lahnga for a little girl.Its aatishi and orange color is very amazing.Its kurti and lahnga embroidery is very smart.Its a very ow-some lahnga for a wedding wear.


Its a very beautiful lahnga. Its a very nice fish lahnga.Its a very stylish lahnga.Its yellow and blue combination is very gorgeous.Its kurti and lahnga embroidery is really very ow-some. Its a very beautiful embroidered fish lahnga.Its a very dashing a wedding wear dress.


Its a very stylish fish lahnga.Its combination is really very ow-some.Its blue kurti and aatishi lahnga is very dashing for a wedding wear.Its lahnga and kurti embroidery is very good looking.Its a very stylish and gorgeous lahnga .Its a very dashing wedding wear dress.


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