Wedding Long Shirt Lehenga With Heavy Embroidered Work

Wedding Long Shirt With  Lehenga

Latest Bridal Long Shirt With Lehenga

First girls and women used to wear long shirts as casual and party wear. But nowadays long shirts have also become popular as bridal wear too. Bridal Long Shirt Lehenga Style is a dress with long top and diagonal skirt type long bottom and it typically wore with a long scarf which is callad chunni or duppata.

Nowadays, bridal lehngas with long shirts are worn because they give a look og trendy and fashionable brides and secondly they are comfortable in wears and cuts with true Asian and eastern style and touch. It is very common in Pakistan and India as a bridal dress.
Bride has 4 different options for styles in lehenga. The first is a fishtail lehenga dress, which is a knee- body embrace and then flows out of a number of flares. The second style of lehenga is straight cut which tends toward legs simultaneously in the same way as the wrap skirt. A-line lehenga is also very popular.

It was translated as the skirt-shaped cone is narrow at the waist and then flared out to the ankle. The most latest and in lehenga is flared lehenga which is really heavy and gives royal look. The fabrics used to make wedding lehengas are usually rich fabrics, which are thick, shiny and good pall.

The fabric used is more satin, which is used because it has an elegant texture. Other styles include tissue which has an imperial finish, mesh type clothe, georgette and crepe and georgette all of them gives a really excessive feel. In addition to this bridal lehngas are embellished with heavy embroidered work.

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